The Messiah

By Lenora Grimaud

What was the purpose of the Messiah? What was the life-changing message that Jesus came to bring that would reveal to the world that he is the Messiah, the Christ, the deliverer, the savior, the redeemer, the Lord of heaven and earth?

The Good News of Jesus Christ: God is love and he loves you.

God is your Father and you are his beloved. You are more important than any king, queen, or world leader. You have worth, purpose, and dignity. You are not just a number—“no thing.” You are somebody—being—unique—a person of great worth. You are not expendable. You are not chaff. You are equal. God has no favorites. Solomon is not greater than you. The Queen of Sheba is not greater than you. Even though you are poor, you are great. God delights in you. Poverty is only the part, the role, that you have been given to play. Off stage, you are rich and equal to the Star—the leading actor and actress. The roles you play are always changing, not eternal, not you.
God is faithful to his word; to his promises—they will be fulfilled, if not in this life, in the next.

God has all power; all authority; all knowledge; all wisdom; all understanding. No one has power or authority over him—He is as high as you can go.

God is all present—nothing is hidden from him. He knows all and sees all.

God is always with you. He knows you intimately—everything about you; even the number of hairs on your head.

God will never abandon you. He will never leave you. You are never alone.

God understands everything you are going through. He is all merciful, compassionate, and just. In the end, true justice will prevail.

God is forgiving—He doesn’t hold anything against you; He doesn’t hold a grudge; He doesn’t resent you; He doesn’t accuse or judge you—He doesn’t have to because he is Truth and knows the Truth. Forgiveness is not indifference—it is personal. It is not like a company that “writes off” part of your debt. It is like a mother who forgives, continues to love, a son who kills his brother; like Mary forgiving those who killed her son.

God gives freely, expecting nothing in return.

God loves freely, unconditionally—without limits. Nothing can restrict or limit his love.

God has made provision for all your needs.

God has a plan for you; a purpose for you—abundant life—and even death cannot thwart his plan. His promises will be fulfilled because life is eternal and death is an illusion.

God is Truth—absolute and unchangeable.

God is Light—there is no darkness in him.

God is Life—there is no life apart from him—He is the creator and sustainer of all life.

God is the Way—to transformation and eternal life—to union with God.

God is infinite and eternal —He has no beginning and no end; He always was, is, and will be.

God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—three persons in one being.

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You are capable of loving as He loves; capable of being like him in your relationship with all of life. He will give you the power—the Holy Spirit—so that you can be like your Father. All you have to do is ask for it, want it, seek it, and open yourself to receive all the gifts of the Spirit.

Forgive as He forgives; be merciful as He is merciful; be compassionate as He is compassionate; give as He gives; protect all of life as He protects; share God’s providence with others; delight in life—in others—as He delights; see all of creation as having worth and dignity; give away all that you receive—freely—to those who need it; give away your very life for the common good, out of love; be present to others—acknowledge and hold them in your heart; be faithful to your word and to his word; do not abandon those in your charge and those less fortunate.

Trust in God! Believe in God! Have faith in him and in his promises. Let his truth be your guide—your light. Let him be Lord of your life—through his only Son. He is in the Son and the Son is in him. They are one. Jesus is his Name. To see Jesus is to see the Father.

Do not accuse or judge; do not hold grudges; do not be resentful or bitter. Love your enemies—forgive them. Lay down your life for others; knowing and believing that you will take it up again. No one can take your life from you.

Do not be deceived! Only God can impart the Holy Spirit—the power that can transform you and enable you to love as God loves you. Only Jesus, the Incarnation of God, can do this for you. Only Jesus is the Messiah—the Christ—one with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Only Jesus can lead you into the kingdom of God within you. Only Jesus can transform the earth into the kingdom of God. Only God has the lead part, the lead role on earth—in Jesus—the only Son. It will not be taken from him. He is the king of kings, the Lord of heaven and earth. Again, do not be deceived by false Christs; false gods; false Messiahs.

The purpose of the Messiah was to reveal the nature of God to humanity; to lead humanity into the kingdom of God; to transform humanity into the likeness of God by imparting the Holy Spirit, who will write his Truth upon our hearts; to bring us abundant life—and the promise of eternal life; and to establish the kingdom of God on earth—to transform the earth. His mission is already completed, outside of time—finished! These were his last words. He did what he came to do. We do not yet see it completed, but it is done. The full manifestation of his mission is being carried out through the Church, in time. The Church is the extension of Jesus and his mission, in time, until it is fully manifested. We will see it when He comes again. Jesus proved that he was the Messiah through the works of God that he did, but more importantly, through his death and resurrection, and by pouring out the Holy Spirit; giving us new life and leading us into the kingdom of God within us. Only God can do this.

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