by Lenora Grimaud

The following prophecy came to me during prayer in 1978, and I wrote it down. I was part of a Charismatic Prayer Group, and shared it with others at the time. There seemed to be many other prophecies received by people throughout the Charismatic Renewal that were very similar, and seemed to confirm the message of this particular prophecy. Recently, during prayer, I felt that the Lord was telling me to share this prophecy again, that it is very relevant for our present times. I pray that you will receive it according to the measure of faith that the Lord has given you. Whatever does not seem right to you, just set it aside.

My people, I am calling you to see my wounds amongst you. I am calling you to walk with me on the road to Calvary—to share one another’s trials and to help each other with your crosses. I am calling you to walk together, to be one, to be bound together as I was bound to the column. I am calling you to weep out of compassion for one another, to have your hearts rent for one another. I am calling you to help the weary and downtrodden, to wipe each other’s faces. I am calling you to feed the hungry, to give drink to those who are thirsty. Feed their minds with my Word, the mind of Christ. Feed their spirits with the power of my Holy Spirit. Feed their bodies from your own table and the labor of your own hands. I am calling you to anoint each other’s wounds, to heal each other, to lead each other to rest—to my rest—and to eternal life. I am calling you to clothe each other with my armor, to build each other up. I am calling you to remain at each other’s side—waiting patiently for resurrection, for new life to come forth in one another.

Look around you, my people—look at my wounded body. Let your hearts be stirred to action. There are some members of my body that are lonely, that feel like strangers. They feel deserted. They cry out for community, for relationship, not just once a week, but daily. If you have a living relationship with me, you must have a living relationship with each other. There are those amongst you who have no one to celebrate special Feasts with, and so they eat alone.

I am calling you to a radical commitment to one another. Your brother’s problems are your problems. You must care for one another as you would your own body. I am calling you to stretch out your hands and to reveal your wounds to each other. Let no one hide himself from his brother.

I am calling you to bring your children to me. I want to prepare a place for them within my body where they can be nurtured and come to know the voice of their Shepherd. Do not leave them outside or they will be attacked and carried off by wolves. My heart cries out for my little ones. Bring them to me. Let me bless them. My Church is not a haven for adults. It is a home for all ages.

Listen, my people, I have not come to condemn you. I have come to prepare you. I want you to be ready for what is to come. In the past you have celebrated the Lenten Season by choosing you own deserts—your own sacrifices and fasts. But, a Lenten Season is coming upon the World of which no man has any control. I am leading you into a desert that you did not choose. I am preparing you for a time of glory, for victory. Trust me! Follow me! If you love me and love one another, the desert cannot hurt you. You will be victorious and through you I will save the world.

I have warned you that days of darkness are coming upon the world, days of trial and tribulation. A great light will soon go out in Rome. When that happens, greater darkness will come upon the earth.

Do not rely on any of the supports you have had in the past. I am going to strip you of everything you depend on now so that you will depend only on me. For my power is strongest in weakness. I will pour out all the gifts of my Spirit and when you are completely empty you will be able to fully yield to my Spirit and my power will be manifest in you and through you.

Be prepared to lose everything for my sake and you will gain everything. You will have to suffer for a little while but your sorrow will be turned into joy. Nature will cry out in birth pangs and there will be famines and floods and earthquakes. But, I will renew the face of the earth. Trust in Me. Many people will be given over to evil, rejecting God and hating all that is good and holy. You will be hated and persecuted, and some will even be martyrs for my name.

I have told you all this so that your faith will not be shaken. Band yourselves together in me, for I will triumph and my glory will be seen upon the earth. A new day is coming and when that day comes your joy will be great. In that day you will have everything. But, you must let me prepare you. From now on a man’s household will extend to his community, his brothers and sisters in Christ. It has been said “A woman’s place is in the home.” From now on a woman’s home extends to the community. It has been said, “Put your house in order.” But, I say to you “Put your community in order.”

If you do not want your love to diminish, then keep my commandments.

Do not let the sun go down on your anger. Make up with one another while you still have time. You must seek to heal all wounds of division and strife. Humble yourself before one another. If you really want to, you can make peace without compromising the truth.

Do not resent you brother’s every offense and never act in a fit of passion. Pray first, and let go of your anger before acting. I have no favorites. If you are angry when you correct your brother, you are as guilty as he is—unless it is righteous anger, which is seen only in the perfect.

Do not find fault before making a thorough inquiry—first, reflect and pray, then give a reprimand.

Jealously guard one another’s reputation and good name. Do not allow anyone to speak against your brother. What they say about your brother they say about you, too, because you are one. Remember, your enemy will pile up false accusations against you to turn you against each other. Do not be quick to listen to all you hear. Do not be gossip mongers.

Listen before you answer and do not interrupt a speech in the middle. Do not argue about something that does not concern you. Support one another; don’t knock each other down.

Do not put on airs when you are in difficulties. Do not be afraid or ashamed to let your brother see your vulnerability. Your vulnerability is precious to me and moves my heart to compassion. Be honest with yourselves and with one another. Do not repress your feelings. If your brother has offended you, then go to him, humbly, and make it known to him. You may discover that it was unintended, that your hurt was in vain.

Make each other’s needs your own. Suffer with those who are suffering, rejoice with those who are rejoicing. Be patient with one another and allow for each other’s mistakes and weaknesses. Do not criticize or rashly judge one another. Your vision is limited and you do not see the whole of a man’s heart. Teach one another. Build each other up in my love. Be gentle when you need to correct.

Do not make comparisons, comparing one person with another or one group with another. Do not take sides, one against another. Have nothing to do with factions. Do not judge a man by his outward appearance, or whether he is rich or poor, young or old, black or white, educated or uneducated, Protestant or Catholic, layman or clergy. My choice has nothing to do with these things. I choose whom I will.

Show your love for me by accepting all that I allow to happen to you with joy and thanksgiving. Do not grumble or complain. Trust in me. Praise me in adversity, in trials, in suffering, in tribulation.

My people, the world will not be changed until they can say “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” You are my servants and I send you forth in my Name. If you remain in my name, you shall truly be blessed and the world will come to acknowledge this as they proclaim “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” You also must say to your brother: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Acknowledge one another as the image of God and see me in your brother and sister. Through you, and my Spirit living in you, all of mankind shall be recreated in the image and likeness of God and my glory will fill all the earth.

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